Neil Barber

Songwriter and Children's Tutor


Learning the guitar is different from some other instruments because after learning the basics, every player's style is different and technical improvement is driven by the player's own ambition and plans for him/herself. Music is sometimes taught in a slightly dry and classical way which doesn't always excite kids. It is important that lessons are fun right from the start and that students learn to play either on songs they know and like or on self-composed songs. I have co-written several songs about hamsters and homework! I use bass guitar and drum machine when teaching so that students quickly enjoy a sense of being in a band.


I have recorded and produced many quality CDs for past students, both individuals and bands. A few have been played on local radio stations and, complete with covers, these recordings are always a source of pride and confidence building for students.

Here are some songs recorded with my students.


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Lochy Seaton: Student
Age: 9

Freya Seaton: Student
Age: 7

Cameron Avery: Student
Age: 12
Rock Legend

Charlie Drewell: Student
Age: 12

Emily Cooper: Mum

Fiona Jowett: Mum

Grace Tayler: Student
Age: 7

Jon and Mags Seaton: Parents

Leia Sherman: Student
Age: 12

Paul Drewell: Dad

Robbie Cochran: Student
Age: 7

Sarah Cochran: Mum

Andrew Henderson
Age: 12

Fiona Cairns: Mum

Jackie Henderson: Mum

Neil Tayler: Dad